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I remember the first time i came on twitter it was a disaster. I just opened my first Facebook account and i quickly got into it.
Then i heard someone say something about twitter and i immediately searched for it and signed up, but after i logged in....IT WAS DARK AND WITHOUT FORM to me. I couldn't make of what was going on so i left it even without tweeting a word.

What Can A Tweet Do?

The story of Twitter and other social media is one that can be easily associated with Nigeria's largest age group.
It provides an alternative to government feedback systems which has been said to be ineffective and bureaucratic.

Before the end of last year, twitter had had more than a thousand trends, with many thousands tweeting and re-tweeting each. A twitter trend is a hash-tag driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time.

According to Lists.ng which curated top 20 of them, some of these trends include;  #BBNaija, #IStandwithNigeria, #ResumeorResign, #NotTooYoungToRun and the #EndSARS. These tweets saw Nigerians express themselves on issues demanding their attentions.

The Value Of A Tweet

Take the #EndSARS campaign which though did not lead to the shutting down of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), has draw the attention of the police authorities to the plight of Nigerians under the department (#ReformSARS)

It has importantly provided evidence strong enough to sue the department and proof of deviation of FSARS from their primary function via the analysis of the trend recently.

Twitter, provides an avenue for a government to engage her citizens, by providing a platform that is both easily accessible and has a wide reach.

Governments in the advanced economies of the world have strong presence on such platform in other to bypass the limitations of a traditional feedback system. As we have seen in most twitter trends last year, any government that pays close attention will know what the people think about some of its policies like the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign.

Citizens can leverage Twitter to influence government decisions, to call their representatives or companies that may otherwise be outside their reach.

Though Twitter trends are dominated by entertainment topics, it can be used as an instrument to check the government, to evaluate and monitor projects. Now that you know your worth of your tweet, use yours to impact your environment.

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