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Uber In Nigeria : Successes and Challenges

"It is a global concept, but it has to be localized by a team that understands the fabric of the city."- Atawodi  Uber, an American online multinational transport company started operation in Lagos,  Nigeria about two years ago since then the company has been enjoying favourable response despite hostile environment. According to the company executives, the car hailing app has provided 30% more rides in Lagos than in London over the last 16 months. For Ebi Atawodi, General Manager of Uber Nigeria the success boils down to adapting the uber model to suit the needs of Lagosians. One of the biggest challenges uber encountered in Nigeria's most populous city was the issue of fuel scarcity which has virtually plagued the whole nation in recent times but even this seemingly difficult problem has been tackled by uber's partnering with with local gas money stations  to enable some uber drivers to skip the long queues. RELATED : Africa's Youngest Billionaire Takes

When Is The Best Time To Leave Your Job ...

Research   It is not always a good time to quit one's job especially if you just started it or have spent a very long time doing it, leaving a job at a wrong time may cost you a lot, but can one know when it's the right time to quit.