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ENTREPRENEUR Today on Meet the Entrepreneur we met with an entrepreneur par excellence Mr Kaesy Nwosu, a student of Computer Engineering and the CEO of one of the foremost Nigerian technology blog Techcranked

Owning A Business: Smart Mentorship

Owning A Business The master key to dominating a trade or a field is to study those who have become successful and great in the business and then imitate their style creatively. When you want to start a business, it really can be overwhelming to start thinking up a strategy that you hope will work and make you succeed in the business. Truth is research is very key to starting a business. You must investigate the market, find out how things are done; learn the secret of the trade so as to participate to win.But in a situation where you lack the means or resources to carry out extensive or required market or consumer research, all you need do is to adopt or adapt the strategy of a leader in that market.

Buying And Selling Businesses Is Business

Strive Business Special __A big idea, an excellent team. A few months ago, Liquid Telecom, one of our businesses, bought a South African telecoms company called Neotel Communications, for about $450m. Quite a few of you who saw the news about the transaction wrote to me, asking me to share some insights into buying and selling businesses.

Brand Integrity Matters

Strive Business Special During the last few weeks, I have blogged on the importance of sales and marketing skills. We’ve also begun to discuss the importance of building, nurturing, and sustaining a brand. I’ve tried to show you that behind the sales campaigns, promotions, and advertising you see on TV and in newspapers is a highly complex business tool which you must appreciate and master if you want to develop a profitable business.

Buying A Business: 6 Key Questions

Strive Business Special A good entrepreneur must never be too sentimental towards a business. There’s a time to buy, a time to sell, and even a time to close a business. It's all business, and in a successful business career, you must have the capacity to do all three.