Time Is Money

No doubt you have heard the phrase or used it a couple of times, which implies simply that time is a valuable asset; therefore it is better to do things as quickly as possible. Hence each time you hear those words you get a rush of hormones that stimulates you to do things as quickly as you can.

But what if I tell you that it can mean a different thing. In Japan "time is money" means that more time will lead to gaining greater benefits and satisfaction. While one interpretation makes for people to think in the short term the latter thinks in long term.

Another stream of thought that the former interpretation leads to is the tendency to want to finish too quickly, which as a rule will lead to regrets and an unprofitable rush which has been proven to be harmful in some transactions.

So when next you hear the phrase 'time is money' it may mean just the opposite of what you think it means.


  1. Time is money, money is a valuable asset. what we make of time in the short run or long run is a matter of the amount of 'knowledge on our palms' .


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