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The New Economy Is Digital: What Does That Have To Do With Me? “ We project in the near future a digital economy that will bring about massive deviations in society. We simply have no way of knowing how deep and far-reaching these deviations will be". – Tank L, MD Huawei Technologies Nigeria. If you have heard about digital economy and you have no idea what it means, you're not alone. In fact you may be in the majority. As a recent reader on this topic myself, i wish to expose this term 'digital economy' to as many persons as i can and discuss on what it means for our "traditional' Nigerian economy.

Nigeria's Billion Dollar Herbs II

So i wrote briefly to introduce this topic and talk mildly on some pertinent issues. But as i began to think more on the potentials, I truly became angrier that the Nigerian government has not done enough to create an infrastructure to support the sector and private investors for not making more investments in this industry. Everybody knows that Africa is the fastest growing continent and has billionaire dollars opportunities waiting to be snatched up. But do you know that investing in Nigeria's herbal industry is one of lesser known, more valuable investments?. I didn't either until recently when i started reading on Africa's traditional medicine. The opportunity is definitely worth your interest.

Nigeria's Billion Dollar Herbs I

People say that Nigeria's herbal medicine has been in existence before our ancestors knew the white man's medicine. But their coming you see, saw the doom of the medicine of our people, for one they didn't understand our processes and frankly we thought theirs was better too.