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A few months ago i read 'Business model generation' and ever since i have been amazed at how much one can understand a business by using a business model canvas. I have been drafting models of popular businesses to be better at generating business models for my business and other businesses.

Surfing the internet i discovered the lack of Nigerian business model examples. So today and over my next posts i will be sharing drafts of business models of any Nigerian business that interests me ( that's especially if they are innovative).

For today, ANDELA

The Andela story and how they have chosen to solve a clear problem shows they have an indept knowledge of the Nigerian market.
I have developed a draft of their business model in a bid to better understand their business. Hope it gives you a better insight as it has given me.

Andela - The Business Model

Andela Business model by Anselem Kadiri

Andela's value offering is essentially to develop local African technology talents and connect them with the world's top technology and engineering firms. In a bid to close the global demand for technical talents. It offers this at a cheaper labour costs to their clients (lower than the cost of hiring an in-house engineer or developer).

To reach their clients her most important channel is the internet with key partners like slack, Andela is able to provide virtually dedicated personal assitance to her clients without leaving their local habitats.

To understand how truly innovative this model is, we see Andela maneuver around the problem of lack of finance by these coders. So it trains them 'for free' with their revenue with the expectation that they will in 6 months gain employment and their incomes will be used to offset the cost of their trainings.

Andela' key activities involved the recruitment and training of her developers, maintenance of their platform/network and finding solutions to clients technology problems.

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