Before We All Become Entrepreneurs

Source: Africabeta

"Everybody loves a rags to riches entrepreneur; the unexpected genius from the remote village that built a start-up worth millions. 

Such stories, valid as they sometimes may be, fuel the myth of the entrepreneur, blurring the realities more closely associated with running your own business. What other myths lie on the path to start-up glory?"

Few months ago, i wrote an article "Before we all become entrepreneurs" on the dangers of jumping on the " i too - am an entrepreneur" train. I argued that entrepreneurship like any other field of life is not the all glorious heroic story we all wish it was.

Its not all about the raising of capital, making great inspirational speeches or any other too-to-be-true tale the media has told us. Its real HARD WORK. In fact more work than your blue collar job. 

So before we all become entrepreneurs here are some things to know.

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