For Migrant's Sake

Let's Take a walk

Source: UNHCR

Trends in migration has taken on different dimensions over the years from rural-Urban migration which was a troubling development in 60s and 70s to today’s irregular migration.

 Across the sahara

Surely its not uncommon to hear horrid stories of death and starvation of young men and sometimes women who journey across the Sahara in search of greener pastures in any other continent but Africa. But don’t be too quick to dismiss this as another tale of desperados who cowardly enter such ventures to their own regrets. A close encounter with this migrants has shown that they are really exercising  what is natural to human nature- Survival.

A majority of them would not have braved these conditions if their homes where not wrecked with crises, political uncertainties, and in most cases hunger. So running from these they journey via Agadez in Niger through Libya crossing the ocean in sometimes old rickety boats and other times inflatable ones carrying a few hundreds at best in the hopes of reaching Italy, Malta or maybe France. Unfortunately only a few of them ever reach these 'promised lands' to face even more troubles.

Why Go through The Trouble 

But why would any rational being risk so much for the European dream? Why wouldn’t they just stay back and hustle like every one else in the hopes that they make it big one day after all many billionaires and millionaires are amongst us. Unfortunately, I may not have the answer to this delicate question. But Should we blame our government for this situation? Yes, but they are really not the only ones to blame each illegal immigrant too must carry the burden of their own blame.

What Then Can Be Done?

In truth, this situation is best managed as it cannot be altogether stopped hence government must be concerned enough to take the appropriate measures to curb this tragedy. For starters, there is the issue of the image that is often painted that Europe is a paradise where jobs are in abundance, and poverty is extinct it’s the responsibility of government through the appropriate agencies (NOA) to correct this false belief.

For a more permanent solution however, the economic welfare of citizens should be seen as utmost priority and catered for. Government is responsible gir the hostility or friendliness of their environment to their citizens and businesses. The more men and women that undertake such journeys the more governments should see it as an indication of the failure of her economic policies to attend to the needs of majority of her citizens. Secondly no state is free from political upheavals but they must not be so extreme as to threaten the lives of citizens.

Years from now immigration will still be a problem but whether it will costs thousands of lives per year or not, will be determined by the actions taken by government to better their economic and political environment making it more comfortable for her citizens to live freely and pursue their  dreams in their respective countries.


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