Today on Meet the Entrepreneur we met with an entrepreneur par excellence Mr Kaesy Nwosu, a student of Computer Engineering and the CEO of one of the foremost Nigerian technology blog Techcranked
Kaesy Nwosu
Naijaeconomics: Good evening sir

We know your name and that your are student of engineering at the university of Benin and the CEO of Techcranked. Tell us something we can't find online about you

  •  Kaesy: There are a couple of things about me that you can't find online. One of them is the Organization founded by me, CEO Technologies, It's a firm setup to help solve ICT problems for individuals and Business firms. I have been operating CEO Technologies on a local basis  but I am currently re-branding it and it will be available online shortly.

Naijaeconomics: Wow that's a big one what do you do at CEO Technologies exactly

  •  Kaesy: At CEO Technologies we help Individual and Business setups undertake projects like E-commerce setup, Website Development, App and software development and CMS customization. We also offer other  services like digital marketing, Social media Management and other ICT services.

Naijaeconomics: OK Mr CEO
Can tell us about how it was like growing up and how ICT came to bear such an influence on you

  • Kaesy: I grew up in a society where people were not ICT inclined so developing my ICT skills was not an easy task. I started reading tutorials on blogs, ebooks and also getting video tutorials and attending webinars just to develop my skills. In no time I found myself undertaking project I felt I could not.

Naijaeconomics: Amazing
As a student of computer engineering do you think the curriculum has been flexible enough to help you acquire some of these skills
As you said yourself you had to do some work by yourself

  • Kaesy: It has not been flexible enough as expected because I have to Learn virtually all the things I need to learn on my own.

Naijaeconomics: Do you have any role models that have influenced your life so far...can we know them if any

  • Kaesy: Yes I do have role models. People that their success story inspire me to work harder and be great. One of them is Jide Ogunsanya (Founder and

Naijaeconomics: I often hear people say they are techpreneurs it's a new word to me how different do you think a techpreneur is from an entrepreneur

  • Kaesy: There is not much difference between both. an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business and takes on financial risks involved with the sole aim  of making profit while a techpreneur sets up a business that is ICT inclined with the aim of making money.
Screenshot of Techcranked

Naijaeconomics: For a technology enthusiast you must have been in the know of many tech firms springing up what two indigenous firms do you think have the same standard as one would find in silicon valley

  • Kaesy: One is Rivmark a tech startup: It's main aim is to provide technology for businesses to scale faster  And also a tool for people to solve their everyday challenges.Another is Chop up. ChopUp is a leading mobile gaming company in Nigeria developing “locally relevant games that tell the African narrative”.

Naijaeconomics: What right steps is the government not taking that you think is important for the growth of Nigerian entrepreneurs today

  • Kaesy: From my point of view the Nigerian Government is less concerned about the growth of entrepreneurs. The government should bring up foundations to help serious entrepreneurs with limited capital fund projects that will be of benefit to the country's economy. There also should be foundations to train enlighten people more about startups, and business they can venture into that will yield something at the end of the day.

Naijaeconomics: The government have since said time without number that they would put a structure in place to train Nigerian Youths but it seems to just be a structure on paper
What best means do you think they can use to really get this done

  • Kaesy: Since they have failed to keep their promise a better way of achieving it is to partner with Hubs or training schools, and also create opportunities to hear out from the youth about what exactly they will need, doing this they know how to tackle the problem at hand

Naijaeconomics: How have you been able to cope with your studies and your entrepreneurial pursuits

  • Kaesy: Its has not been easy at all but my planning has been able to see me through. All I did was draw my plans for the day then put things in a way it will be convenient for me to do my school work and not let it affect my entrepreneurial pursuit.

Naijaeconomics: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

  • Kaesy: I believe with my level of hardwork, I should be one of the techies to have made a great impact in the Nigerian ecosystem in the next 5 years. I should also have developed my business startup to world-class level

Naijaeconomics: Sir it been great chatting with I personally have enjoyed it
Before we go can please give an advice to the teeming population of Entrepreneurs out there

  •  Kaesy: I really appreciate the privilege of chatting with you too.To entrepreneurs out there, there are a lot of opportunities out there that you can tap into to develop what you do. Know what to do and when to do it. Invest wisely and put in your best, one day your hard work will pay off.

Naijaeconomics: Thank you sir for your time
It's been fun and I guess our readers would think too
God bless you


  1. Hello Anslem, it was really nice to have been featured in your Meet the Entrepreneur session. I do hope I am able to inspire young entrepreneurs through this.


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