Brilliance is Evenly Distributed - Here is a model

A few months ago i read 'Business model generation' and ever since i have been amazed at how much one can understand a business by using a business model canvas. I have been drafting models of popular businesses to be better at generating business models for my business and other businesses.

Surfing the internet i discovered the lack of Nigerian business model examples. So today and over my next posts i will be sharing drafts of business models of any Nigerian business that interests me ( that's especially if they are innovative).

Before We All Become Entrepreneurs

"Everybody loves a rags to riches entrepreneur; the unexpected genius from the remote village that built a start-up worth millions. 

Such stories, valid as they sometimes may be, fuel the myth of the entrepreneur, blurring the realities more closely associated with running your own business. What other myths lie on the path to start-up glory?"

How To Restructure NYSC For Economic Development

A few months ago i was discussing a few friends (my fellow corpers) about the National service that we just began. We talked about the debate to scrap or not to scrap the scheme, the factors that will constrain its scrapping. 

After that discussion, in truth was discouraged. I have i come to waste the next few months of my life, all for preserving 'our national unity'. I was deeply worried.

Personally, i don't think NYSC should be scrapped. It provides an excellent model for economic development and mass youth trainings. It should definitely be restructured.

I have been able to find some productive activities to engage in since but yesterday the thought came to me. How can NYSC be restructured to achieve our national growth and development objectives?.

3 Things I Learnt This Week

So am thinking about what to write and i thought about sharing what i learnt this week with you.

1. Pay Attention To The Principles: As is my morning ritual i visited Frankly Speaking With Muyiwa Afolabi where he talked about 'Paying attention to the principles'. We read books, hear speakers preach at seminars.

Why Can't I Invest In Nigerian Football Clubs

Am not a billionaire, at least not yet but i want to invest in my favourite football club in Nigeria.
But why can't i?

Nigeria like many other African nations can be proudly tagged a football loving nation. If more than 80% of your youths discuss and follow football trends on a daily basis i think the title fits.


Naija Economics Weekly

I remember the first time i came on twitter it was a disaster. I just opened my first Facebook account and i quickly got into it.
Then i heard someone say something about twitter and i immediately searched for it and signed up, but after i logged in....IT WAS DARK AND WITHOUT FORM to me. I couldn't make of what was going on so i left it even without tweeting a word.


Which comes first, tax or profit? Like you i think the answer is obviously profit because you can't pay taxes on losses.
This article is a sequel to "The New Economy is Digital: What's that have to do with me?" you can read it here.

Across the circles of the adoption of digital economy and its technologies one disruption has been in the centre of debates. The reality of the potential threats to tax systems. If i may put it frankly " more companies will not pay taxes".