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Why A Nigerian May Not Win The Economics Nobel Prize In A Long Time

I watched as the this year's rounds of Nobel prizes came to an ended with the committee announcing Angus Deaton  as this year's Economics Nobel laureate it was a battle for who has impacted humanity the most via Economics, then a thought struck me when will a Nigerian ever win the Nobel Prize In Economics. As the reality of this question dawned on me i became more worried will a Nigerian be able  to win a Nobel Prize In Economics?.


By Victor Abidemi

The  world  is  rapidly  moving  towards  an  economic  system  that  is  based  on  the continuous  application  of  economic  analysis  to  real  world  issues,  as  such  the  role  of Economist  all  over  the  world  is  increasingly  becoming  important  and  vital  to  the growth  of any  nation. In  the US for example,  Economist  typically  do  the following:   Research  and  analyze economic issues   Conduct  surveys  and  collect  data   Analyze data using  mathematical  models  and  statistical  techniques   Prepare reports,  tables  and  charts  that  present  research  results   Interpret  and  forecast  market  trends   Advise  businesses,  governments  and  individuals  o  economic topics   Design  policies  or make recommendations  for solving  economic problems   Write articles  for  publication  in  academic journals  and  other media  sources While  doing  all  these,

The Nigerian Statistical Tragedy

Today its almost impossible for any researcher, student or even any organization or Institution in Nigeria to gain access to Statistics relevant to their study,  the only saviour one might find are Foreign research Institutions such as The IMF, World Bank, etc which have become more reliable than our own unlike other Developed nations of the world who know the importance of research and development and realise the essence of a  well collected and reliable Statistical system to attain even higher levels of development ; but who is to be  blamed ? if this doesn't spell doom to our very sovereignty as a nation i don't know what does. According to African Development Bank Chief Economist Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa " the collection of national statistics... is of course key not only for national planning but also for investment decisions by the private sector" .The importance of efficient data management to any organization or nation cannot be overemphasized. Yet this single …


By Ayewo Abidemi Victor
Nation  building is  a  normative  concept  that  means  different  things  to  different people.  In  political  science,  nation-building  is  a  term  used  to  describe  the construction  of  a  functioning  state.  To  put  it  succinctly,  according  to  Irele (1999),  nation  building  can  be  defined  as  a  process  of  bringing  of  diverse groups  together  to develop  their  common land. There  has  been  a  lot  of  debates  surrounding  what  the  contributions  of economist  are  to  national  development.  As  we  know,  the  fundamental  problem of  any  society  is  said  to  be  scarcity  i.e.  the  idea  that  demand  is  always  greater than  the  resources  that  the  society  has.  All  over  the  world  countries  are benefiting  from  immense  contributions  of  economist.  For  Developed economies  that  has  fully  recognized  the  potentials  of  economist,  the  following are ways  by  which  they  help  develo…
What Can An Economist Do? 

Being called an Economist means several things to various people. But major any graduate or even an undergraduate with an Economics major has some unique features that may be attributed to them. What can an Economist really do? , What makes an organisation sort for the employment of Economists?  The Higher Education Academy and the QAA have developed an Economics employability profile. Essentially it is a detailed list of thespecific skills you will have once you have finished your Economics degree. They include :

Abstract and simplify in order to identify and model the essence of a problem. Analyse and reason – both deductively and inductively marshal evidence and to assimilate. Analyse qualitative and quantitative dataCommunicate concisely results to a wide audience, including those with no training in Economics.Think critically about the limits of one’s analysis in a broader socio-economic context.Draw economic policy inferences and to recognise the potent…