When Is The Best Time To Leave Your Job ...


It is not always a good time to quit one's job especially if you just started it or have spent a very long time doing it, leaving a job at a wrong time may cost you a lot, but can one know when it's the right time to quit. 

According to a research done by ADP, "Employees who change jobs with less than three years under their belt typically only see a 2.7% pay bump, with only a couple of years experience, workers skills aren't fully developed, making them less marketable than someone in the sweet spot of 3-5 years, says Yildirmaz, director of ADP. But after five years, workers tend to be more tied to their company as they are now climbing up the leadership ranks. 
That's why,once they cross the five-year threshold their pay rises slightly less than 6% and after 10 years, job switchers only see an increase of 2.2%"

Apart from the findings in this research other factors one must take note of before calling it quits at his/her current job is the trend in unemployment rate, the demand level of demand for his or her skills. It's really important that you are well advised before you quit. 

"As the saying goes look before you quit...sorry leap"


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