Why A Nigerian May Not Win The Economics Nobel Prize In A Long Time

I watched as the this year's rounds of Nobel prizes came to an ended with the committee announcing Angus Deaton  as this year's Economics Nobel laureate it was a battle for who has impacted humanity the most via Economics, then a thought struck me when will a Nigerian ever win the Nobel Prize In Economics. As the reality of this question dawned on me i became more worried will a Nigerian be able  to win a Nobel Prize In Economics?. 
 I have listed briefly some of these reasons they include:

1. Lack of research in our academic Institution or any other one in fact relating Economics.

2. Economics education is still being taught on mere theoretical level alone without relating it with our economic reality.

3. Lack of funding to Academic Institutions in Nigeria for Research purposes.

4. Most academic Projects done are not  implemented by relevant agencies in fact the don't leave the Offices of the project supervisors, causing a sort of discouragement to willing researchers.

5. Most books, researches, projects are done to seek promotion, a higher  status like (Bsc, Msc, PhD etc), or mostly mandatory.

6. Low Private sector participation in Academic research activities in Nigeria. 

There are other reasons i may not have written feel free to post any that you remember as a comment below.


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